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Visual Soft - Accounting System

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Visual Soft Accounting.NET System

Visual Accounting .NET
The most Flexible, Powerful, Multi-user, and User-friendly Accounting and Inventory control Package.

This system handles all the accounting needs including but not limited to:

  • Flexible chart of accounts that can handle any hierarchy of accounts up to seven levels. Each level can hold up to 32000 accounts.
    Balances of any sub account are automatically accumulated into its parent account.
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable are integrated in the system and directly connected to the suppliers and customers modules.
  • Includes all financial transactions such as sales and purchase invoices, credit and debit notes, and Journal Vouchers. All transactions are automatically posted. No need for manual posting. Transaction recurring and reversing is also available without manual intervention
  • Cheques management module that handles incoming and outgoing cheques and all transactions that can be applied on them.
    All required reports about the cheques can also be generated through the system.
  • Budget entry and auto calculation of budget values based on previous year's budget and actual values.
    All required financial reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, etc.


The Inventory

  • Manages several types of items with different item cards. Each item card holds all item information: name, number, quantities,etc.
  • Can handle unlimited number of batches for each item. Each batch can have different price, vender, store, etc.
  • Any type of transactions can be applied to the items such as moving to another store, selling, editing, or termination. All transactions will update the inventory information directly and will be posted to the general ledger automatically.
  • Any method of cost calculation: Moving Average, FIFO, LIFO, and fixed.

Suppliers and Customers

  • Full management of suppliers and customers information.
  • Direct connection to financial transactions and general ledger.
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders.
  • Allows credit and debit accounts for suppliers and customers
  • Displays the last prices of sales and purchases for any individual customer or supplier.


Human Resource Management

  • Comprehensive management of all employees' information, history, and experience.
  • Fully compliant and adaptable to the regulations of your country.
  • Handles all types of vacations (annual, marriage, emergency, etc.)


  • Fully compliant with rules and regulations of Middle Eastern countries.
  • Automatic salary, allowances, and deductions calculation. Also automatically calculates end of service allowances from the
  • employment period and reason of leaving
  • Easy adding of special expenses or additions to be deducted or added to the final salary
  • All payments are posted to the general ledger automatically.
  • Payment by cash, cheques, or bank transfers.
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