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Services Overview

Web Site Designing / Development
Web ServicesGolden Eagle Technology offers custom web site design and development services to businesses seeking a professional image for their business. We listen as you tell us about your products, services and the culture of your business, we then help you to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. We do not offer canned web packages, we believe that each site is unique - designed to your specifications and to answer your requirements, so no two sites requires the same amount of work. We quote each project independently keeping our prices competitive.

Medical Technology Consulting
Golden Eagle Technology medical experts are ready to give consultations for hospitals or clincs on the field of medical equipment technology. We are capable of providing the latest techniques & technologies in the medical field using our experts' experience and our links with business partners abroad that allow us to transfer the latest trends in this field.


Web Applications Development
As the development of the web interface technologies have grown rapidly in the past few years, it now places very few limits on the client functionality. This way almost any desktop application can now be migrated to the web, achieving the same results. The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is the key reason for the increasing popularity of such applications. Golden Eagle Technology team has taken part in a number of web application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced web systems while keeping our costs low.

Real-Time (RT) Industrial Solutions
At G.E.T. we have a team of skilled and experienced engineers, who can design, co-ordinate and implement large RT industrial solutions projects.
Using cutting edge Technologies in data acquisition (DAQ) and supervisory control, we design and implement integrated industrial solutions that greatly enhance product testing and statistical process control on the production lines, helping your production team achieve higher production rates at low cost, with assured product quality (lean manufacturing).

Real-Time industrial solutions services offered by G.E.T. include:
- Automated testing (Read more)
- Industrial quality control (Read more)
- Industrial process control and production line automation (Read more)
- Motion Control


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