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Medical Technology Consulting

The Medical Technology costs more than 35% of the total hospital project budget. Its impact on the design of the hospital is supreme. In so many instances people have failed to match between the hospital’s design and its medical equipment systems which was the main cause of lengthy delays and costly reconstruction works.
To strike a fit between architectural design & medical equipment, we here at Golden Eagle Technology work on the equipment planning in the very early stages of the hospital designing project.
We ensure you that for each and every equipment, the type, configuration, size, operational capacity and available options are all designed to meet your project’s requirements.
We have a huge trustable list of reliable equipment manufacturers all over the world. We can help you with suggesting the most reliable manufacturer for your project equipments.
Medical Equipment Placement Drawings

Medical Equipment Placement Drawings:

Medical Equipment Placement Drawings (MEPD) illustrates the distribution and location of all items of medical equipment & furniture throughout your hospital/clinic. Electromechanical service requirements are listed and coordinated with other engineering disciplines to ensure optimal design development. Room floor areas, equipment maneuverability, and critical space dimensions are examined to test the functionality of design.

Medical services at G.E.T. include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment and Space Study.
  • Medical Planning Design.
  • Medical Equipment Planning.
  • Equipment Procurement Management.
  • Medical Equipment Supervision.
  • Existing Hospitals / Clinics Evaluation.
  • Cost Estimation Reports.
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