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Automated Testing

Either being on the final product, or on unfinished products still on the production lines, product testing is a very vital and deterministic stage of the product’s life cycle. A well designed and carefully implemented set of testing procedures during the manufacturing of a certain product assure highly performing final products, and early error prediction on the production line, which translates into less time and cost of production.

In G.E.T., we understand how vital the role of testing is to the product lifecycle and the image and future of your company, and therefore we are always up to date with sate of the art technologies in testing equipment and software.

Either you have your own international standard for your tests, or that you want to develop a new testing procedure for a new product, we are the right choice. We carefully follow international standards in designing our testing equipment, and we openly communicate with our experienced customers in order to come up with the perfect test bench with the highest added value.

Our testing systems are highly integrated, and could easily connect to your LAN network for fast data transfer between terminals, and could automatically generate, send and print fully detailed reports of the testing procedures and the results. This helps decision makers in acting fast, with less effort and lower probabilities of error.

Please click here to have a look at how we choose our high quality hardware components.

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