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Industrial Quality Control

“You cannot control what you cannot measure’’. This is a favorite quote used by high quality oriented industrial professionals. In order to achieve high quality measures, parameter measurements have to be heavily implemented in order to insure a highly performing final product, and a streamlined flow of unfinished products on the production line.

We usually have two kinds of services to offer our customers regarding quality control:

1- Development of the already functional testing systems at you facility, in order to enhance statistical process control capabilities.

Here we design integrated systems that easily and flawlessly connect to your testing systems without interfering in any acts of measurements or analysis, but record all the available parameters and pass them to a database for use later on.

2- Design and implementation of integrated QC systems, that perform all measuring and analysis up to high international standards, besides logging all the data into a database.

Note: Our testing systems are highly integral in a sense that they connect to any kind of automation systems (PLC’s, DSC’s, etc…).

Please refer to the automated testing section for more details on our capabilities in this field.

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